Step By Step

Australasian Financial Services are very proud to introduce you to our Step By Step program.


The program has been developed using our own research, plus industry studies, to provide you with greater confidence & transparency when working with your financial planner.


A common trend shows Australians who have sort financial advice in the past, have been left feeling dissatisfied due to the advice not being tailored to their needs or the required assistance and support was non existent when most needed.

The Step By Step program eliminates these unacceptable experiences.


A core component of the program is building a professional long term relationship with the people who seek our services.

This begins at the initial meeting, where we uncover exactly why you have sort financial advice & where financial advice is needed.

With this information, we provide strategies to show you how you can achieve your specific financial objectives.

The most crucial section of the program, is the ongoing review meetings and 24/7 phone support. This ensures that all objectives, whether short, medium or long term are being met. Reviews also provide an opportunity to discuss any changes or new financial objectives that will inevitably arise.

With every step from your initial meeting, right through to retirement and beyond, your financial planner will guide you to where you want to be.


Your finances are an extremely vital element to the wellbeing of your family and their future. Therefore, your financial affairs demand to be adhered to with the utmost diligence.


The Step By Step program incorporates the non negotiable values that define our strong ethical culture.


For more information on how the Step By Step program can be used most effectively for your financial objectives, please speak to an Australasian Financial Services representative.